Hot Shots Secret Signature Series Oil Pack – Stiction Eliminator 64 Oz, FR3 Friction Reducer 32 Oz

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The Signature Series Oil Pack comes with two critical solutions that work together to protect your engine and vehicle — the 32-ounce FR3 Friction Reducer and the 64-ounce Stiction Eliminator. Apply each solution at separate intervals, as they work independently of each other.

Your first step is to use Hot Shot’s Secret Stiction Eliminator to deliver an initial cleaning for your complete oil system. Every third oil change, you should use this product to remove any residue, caked-on varnish or other materials that could impede engine operations. Remember that the Stiction Eliminator solution is not for use with other oil additives, including the FR3 Friction Reducer. Replace 4-ounces per quart of oil on the initial clean-out and two ounces on maintenance clean-ups.

Use the Friction Reducer at every oil change. Use it between Stiction Eliminator applications rather than at the same time. When you use the Friction Reducer, you’ll benefit from patented nano technology that fills in microscopic crevices across surfaces in the engine. This solution results in smoother operations while protecting metal surfaces from contacting and wearing down on each other. FR3 will replace 1.5-ounces per quart of oil at each use.

With the Signature Series Oil Pack from Hot Shot’s Secret, you can optimize your vehicle’s overall performance. By protecting the engine from increased friction and a higher operating temperature, you can help reduce engine wear and tear and oil depletion. Using the Stiction Eliminator alternately with the Friction Reducer can help prevent ongoing debris buildup in the engine that can clog up and slow down components. By optimizing engine cleaning and protection, you can help your vehicle operate at maximum efficiency and horsepower.

Using these solutions also gives you the benefit of lower ownership costs and maintenance requirements.