Hot Shot’s Secret® Tune-Up

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Known as the Tune-Up Trio, this pack of Hot Shot’s Secret three best diesel products includes Stiction Eliminator, Diesel Extreme and FR3 Friction Reducer for an unbeatable deal. From preventing wear to battling deep-settled deposits, these three products give your diesel engine the attention it needs to last for years to come.

Original Stiction Eliminator formula can reduce your engine’s wear and tear by up to 62% more than leading competitors according to third-party ASTM testing. Stiction Eliminator is suitable for both gasoline and diesel engines and can clean anything the oil in your engine touches. In third-party testing, Stiction Eliminator was able to fix 9 out of 10 HEUI injectors that appeared to be failing by restoring compression and power. This product can be added at every third fresh oil change.

Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Extreme is a fully formulated, concentrated internal diesel injector cleaner that’s ready for any diesel engine. Diesel Extreme’s formula is designed to break up waxy and polymeric residue from burnt oil so your injectors stay clean. With your engine that clear, you’ll see a significant increase to your mileage and fuel lubricity. Diesel Extreme cleans both your External and Internal Diesel Injector Deposits — think of this formula as a way to give your diesel engine the thorough deep cleaning it deserves.

The third piece of the Tune-Up Trio, FR3 Friction Reducer is a 100% synthetic oil additive that uses the power of three patented lubricants to decrease your engine wear by 43% according to third-party testers. FR3 works by increasing your engine’s oxidation stability and gives your engine the lubricity necessary to prevent metal-on-metal contact. FR3 can treat engine oils, differentials, power steering and hydraulic systems. Use in oil changes when not using Stiction Eliminator.