Hot Shot’s Secret® TBN Booster Oil Additive, 64 oz

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Size: 64oz

Hot Shot’s Secret TBN Booster Oil Additive uses the power of detergent and dispersant replenishing to stabilize your oil and increase its total base number (TBN). Using your TBN, you can measure the pH inside your engine and extend your oil to its full potential. This formula goes above and beyond replenishing dispersants and detergents — it actively neutralizes corrosion-causing acidic conditions. As your dispersants and detergents become replenished, your oil will start to neutralize your tank and prevent engine corrosion.

TBN Booster oil additive is the only product on the market proven to address aging oil and successfully increase TBN. As your engine’s oil becomes older, the dispersants and detergents in it will naturally deplete over time. This depletion causes your engine environment to grow more acidic, eventually resulting in corrosion of the engine’s components.

This TBN engine oil stabilizer boosts your TBN by replenishing those missing dispersants and detergent so your oil can neutralize your engine’s acidic conditions. TBN Booster decreases the acidity of your engine with CK-4 packages and based calcium carbonates, which combat harsh acids and easily disperse the soot from diesel operations. On top of its TBN boosting properties, this formula is also infused with FR3 Friction Reducer, which increases the oil’s lubricity.

To use Hot Shot’s Secret TBN Booster Oil Additive, use 3 to 4 ounces for every TBN point you need to increase. It’s important not to overdose vehicles that have a diesel particulate filter. Every bottle of Hot Shot’s Secret has a five-year shelf life and is ready to enhance your vehicles for years to come.