Hot Shot’s Secret® RV Trans Protector Automatic Transmission Cleaner & Enhancer – 32 oz

Sale price$37.79

As part of the Hot Shot’s Secret line of RV maintenance solutions, the RV transmission protector serves as a unique additive specially engineered for your applications. The product can help protect the engine from common transmission issues in RVs, including burning transmission fluid, inconsistent shift quality and rough operation. By removing debris from inside the transmission and effectively cleaning it, the transmission cleaner helps restore shift quality and smoother overall operations.

This product offers a wide range of advantages, including facilitating quieter transmission operations. With smoother mechanisms and cleaner components, your RV’s transmission can run more effectively without as much noise or vibration. You can have a more comfortable, peaceful ride wherever you’re traveling. You’ll get improved, longer-term performance and value from your vehicle when you invest in a trans additive that can help protect it from day to day.

Longevity and cost-efficiency from the RV transmission protector help you get the best value from your vehicle long into the future. With an adequately conditioned transmission, you can reduce repair and maintenance costs for your vehicle as well. This solution will save you time and money long-term while boosting critical transmission performance.

RVs have unique design features that require unique solutions, and that’s what Hot Shot’s Secret additive offers. The formula is optimally tailored to RV operation. This high-quality solution addresses RV-specific operating issues while delivering optimized fuel economy, performance and reliability. When you’re taking your RV out for an adventure, you should be confident it will keep running smoothly throughout your travels. With Hot Shot’s Secret RV products, you can get the dependable transmission and engine performance you need for any trip.