Hot Shot’s Secret® RV Engine Protector Cleaner & Lubricant – 32 oz

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Size: 32oz

When traveling in your RV, you want assurance that your engine is performing its best to handle the road conditions. This RV engine protector from Hot Shot’s Secret is an oil additive made to keep up with you on your adventure.

The RV engine cleaner acts as a preventive measure, and it will also eliminate existing problems in your engine. This solution cleans turbocharger bearings, oil pumps, rings and pistons of varnish, debris and burnt-up oil. It also lubricates everything the oil touches, which helps the RV perform better and operate more reliably on the road.

The RV engine cleaner contains a Group V synthetic ester that dissolves residue and brings deposits and additives into the solution. Carbon nanoparticles fill in microscopic irregularities on machined surfaces to make the surface smoother, reducing heat and friction. Contains our patented FR3 Nano Lubricant to greatly reduce friction inside the engine, reducing wear up to 62% more than oil alone and improving engine efficiency.

Add this RV engine protector to your oil at a fresh oil change. You can use 2 ounces per 1 quart of oil. For the best results, you should leave the product in during the entire oil change interval. If you add it before an oil change, make sure the overall oil level does not exceed the oil fill level. This product will displace an equivalent amount of oil. This product is safe to use with gasoline or diesel RV engines with conventional or synthetic oil.