Hot Shot’s Secret® Premium RV Gas Additive – 16 oz

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Size: 16oz
Premium RV Gas Additive from Hot Shot’s Secret is designed to keep fuel in functional condition when being stored for an extended period without use. The 16-ounce bottle of RV additive successfully cleans fuel injectors, stabilizing fuel for storage for up to one year. This fuel additive contains one of the most robust fuel injector cleaners on the market for gasoline-powered RVs. Gasoline Injector Cleaner and Stabilizer cleans an RV’s fuel system, removing intake valve and combustion chamber deposits. Premium RV Gasoline Additive improves RVs’ power and fuel economy while stabilizing gasoline for long-term protection and storage. Hot Shot’s Secret RV Premium Gasoline Additive was explicitly designed to include the strongest gasoline fuel injector cleaner available for recreational vehicles. The injector formula features an effective Polyetheramine (PEA) detergent to control and clean deposits found in and on combustion chambers, intake valves, carburetors and fuel injectors. Gasoline Injector Cleaner and Stabilizer provides extra wear protection to your fuel system, fuel pump and upper cylinders. The RV additive prevents and corrects issues caused by ethanol and is compatible with gasoline with high ethanol content. Other benefits include: – RV additive prevents phase separation in fuels that contain ethanol. – Rust and corrosion inhibitors keep your tank, lines, pump and injectors clean. – Fuel stabilizers keep your fuel fresh when you’re not on the road. – The unique formula keeps your octane at a consistent level to avoid pinging. – Improves hill-climbing performance, dissolves varnish and reduces misfires. For best results and usage: – RV Premium Gasoline Additive should be used at every fill-up. – Use in gasoline-powered RV generators and engines. – A 16-ounce bottle treats 160 gallons of gasoline. – A 1-ounce bottle treats 10 gallons of gasoline.