Hot Shot’s Secret® Premium RV Diesel Additive – 16 oz

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Size: 16oz

Hot Shot’s Secret premium 16-ounce diesel RV engine additive and cleaner is a multifunctional diesel fuel additive that significantly upgrades fuel economy, performance, power and fuel stabilization for all diesel RVs. Injector cleaner for diesel RV engines should be used at every fill-up and is not for use in gas engines. Use 2 ounces per 25 gallons in all diesel engines, including Tier 4-compliant engines and diesel generators.

RV premium diesel additive creates better fuel economy and more power by boosting diesel’s cetane rating. It also promotes greater longevity and reliability by providing excellent fuel lubrication. Diesel RV fuel system cleaner prevents varnish and gum from forming inside the fuel system, including fuel injectors, while allowing for long-term usage by improving fuel stability.

RVs are built and designed with a specific purpose in mind, and the additives you use should follow suit. Hot Shot’s Secret RV fuel system cleaner is a high-quality product specifically formulated for RV use. Don’t worry about your RV’s power and efficiency while traveling with this 16-ounce injector cleaner for your diesel RV engine.

Fuel additives such as the diesel RV fuel system cleaner can help with daily use and deep cleaning to:

– Provide a higher cetane rating for diesel fuel. Diesel RV injector cleaner helps old fuel burn cleaner and more efficiently after restarting an idle engine. While fuels with a lower cetane number have longer ignition delays, higher-speed diesel engines operate more optimally with higher cetane number fuels.
– Stabilize Fuel during long idle periods. This premium fuel additive containing antioxidants, deactivators and dispersants turns standard pump diesel into premium diesel fuel and extend the life of your diesel fuel.