Hot Shot’s Secret® Never Rust Lubricant – 128 oz

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Size: 128oz

Hot Shot’s Secret anti-rust lubricant is formulated to block corrosion and rust and protect metal parts for the long term. The rust prevention carries excellent penetration qualities that will not dry out or gum and are resistant to water washout. With extreme-pressure additives, this 1-gallon anti-rust bottle for cars is ideal for use in extreme temperatures and preventive maintenance.

When independently tested in the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) B117 salt fog test, Hot Shot’s Secret rust prevention lubricant provided 2,700 hours worth of protection. The 100% synthetic anti-rust lubricant for cars is specifically designed to remove frozen parts caused by corrosion and rust. Other benefits of Never Rust Lubricant include:

– Protects metal parts and blocks corrosion and rust for years of protection
– Has excellent penetration qualities and will not separate or bleed on equipment
– Contains extreme-pressure anti-wear additives
– Removes stickers, tape and labels and dissolves adhesives
– Is compatible with most seals, except for EPDM rubber
– Offers superior rust protection for up to two years
– Displaces moisture and removes grime and grease quickly

Rust prevention lubricant from Hot Shot’s Secret is designed for general use, including but not limited to marine, industrial, automotive, home and other mechanical operations. Applications for this anti-rust lubricant include:

– Equipment storage
– Nuts and bolts
– Metal doors
– Industrial and shop equipment
– Garden and lawn equipment
– Chains and cables
– Automotive latches and doors
– Door locks and hinges
– Tools

The recommended storage temperature is 0 to 40 degrees Celsius.