Hot Shot’s Secret® NanoSyn 251 Oil Nano Lubricant – 32 oz

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Size: 32oz

With LSI’s NanoSyn 251, you get an oil and engine additive delivering nano oil lubricant for your vehicle’s optimized performance. The nano engine oil has a specialized formula engineered to significantly decrease friction, maximize performance and protect components from wear. It’s an oil designed strategically to target critical operating needs for vehicle engines, helping to increase day-to-day performance and longevity.

By adhering to metal surfaces, the NanoSyn 251 lubricant works to comprehensively cover the component surface, even filling in microscopic crevices, dips and other irregularities. This smoothed-over surface can ensure a more effective lubrication film, cutting down on any metal-to-metal contact that could accelerate engine wear and tear. This nano oil lubricant is safe for use with conventional and synthetic oils. It can work with your unique applications for your specific engine type.

You can extend base oil performance with nano engine oil, getting more value and use after every oil change. The lubricant offers a wide range of advantages, including increased film strength and oxidation stability. It also significantly reduces friction between parts so you can get better long-term engine performance. This solution can help increase horsepower, optimize your vehicle’s fuel economy, extend engine life and enable longer intervals between oil changes.

You should use approximately 1.3 ounces of lubricant for each quart of oil for best performance. The lubricant can work seamlessly with your oil to deliver functionality and protection for your engine components.

With nano oil lubricant, you can get a longer service life from your engine and reduce maintenance and repair requirements. By optimizing engine health, you’ll be able to reduce overall ownership costs, cut down on labor and get the most value for your vehicle.