Hot Shot’s Secret® Nano Precision CLP Lubricating and Cleaning Gun Oil – 8 oz

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Size: 8oz
Hot Shots™ Secret NANO PRECISION CLP is a one-step cleaner, lubricant, and protectant for all gun & bow configurations. It is formulated with patented FR3 Nano Technology to provide a superior level of lubrication and protection under the harshest weather and firing conditions. Freeze resistant down to -50°F and featuring excellent heat resistance, NANO PRECISION CLP functions in all conditions while also preventing rust and corrosion from forming. NANO PRECISION CLP provides a smooth action for reliability and performance. Excellent for triggers, slides, actions and more. Safe for use on all surfaces including woods, metals & composites. FORMULATED FOR ANY SITUATION: Whether you are on the range, hunting game, or protecting your family, you need your firearm to perform at its best. NANO PRECISION CLP was formulated with that in mind, engineered to keep your firearm clean of debris, lubricated and operational in the most severe of conditions. Made with pride in the USA.