Hot Shot’s Secret® Green Diamond Synthetic 10W30 Oil Diesel – 1 gal

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Size: 1 Gal

Hot Shot’s Secret 10w30 Green Diamond Fleet Oil is custom-tailored for use in diesel engines that face high airborne particulate levels, stop-and-go operations, heavy loads or extreme temperatures. A severe-duty diesel oil, 10w30 Green Diamond Fleet CK-4 Oil is a replacement for any CI-4, CJ-4, CF-4 and CI-4 Plus specification oil.

As long as Hot Shot’s Secret Green Diamond Synthetic 10W30 Oil is monitored every 6,000 miles for TBN number and kept clean, it can run over 60,000 miles. Green Diamond Fleet Oil is long-lasting and provides improved horsepower and mileage.

The infusion of our patented FR3 Nano-Technology and CK-4 additive package provides unsurpassed levels of longevity and performance, all while keeping the oil cleaner longer. Green Diamond Fleet Oil was formulated to meet severe operating conditions such as hauling heavy loads, stop and go and operation in areas of high airborne particulates.

Full Synthetic 10w30 Green Diamond Fleet Oil offers benefits such as:

– Extends oil change interval
– Extends injector, turbo and engine life
– Reduces friction
– Increases film strength
– Improves aeration control
– Improves oxidation stability
– Reduces deposit formation
– Reduces DPF plugging
– Reduces noise and vibration
– Reduces wear 71% over CJ-4 spec oils
– Lowers oil consumption 78% over CJ-4 spec oils
– Improves fuel economy up to 3%
– Handles soot 46% better than CJ-4 anti-rust protection

Hot Shot’s Secret Full Synthetic 10w30 Oil is ideal for:

– Stationary engines
– Agriculture
– Industrial
– Drilling rigs
– Arctic service
– Construction
– Gasoline and diesel engines
– Turbo or racing engines
– Heavy-duty trucks

Full Synthetic 10w30 oil is recommended for most diesel engines. The CK-4 Specification is backward compatible with the CI4 Plus and the CJ-4 A.