Hot Shot’s Secret® Green Diamond 100 Percent Synthetic 15W40 Oil Diesel – 1 gal

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Size: 1 Gal

Hot Shot’s Secret Green Diamond 15W-40 is a combination of Group III base oils that incorporates patented FR3 nanotechnology to increase your oil’s longevity and cleanliness. Green Diamond uses the power of CK-4 technology with powerful detergents to give you excellent thermal stability and oxidation. Get unparalleled performance and longevity with Green Diamond 100% synthetic oil.

Hot Shot’s Secret formulated Green Diamond Fleet Oil to meet the demands of harsh operating conditions and boost operational power in areas with high airborne particulate levels. This 15W-40 engine oil also incorporates FR3 Nano Lubricant Technology to fill in and coat even microscopic abrasions inside your engine. Everything that your oil touches, FR3 can protect.

Green Diamond 15-40 is versatile enough for use with construction equipment, heavy-duty trucks, agriculture vehicles, stationary engines and even passenger cars. Each of the oils in the Green Diamond Fleet line exceeds API CK-4 specifications and even meets Ford’s WSS-M2C171-F1 specifications for wear protection. This CK-4 formula is backward compatible with CI-4, CI-4 Plus and CJ-4 specification oils.

To use Green Diamond Fleet 15W-40, change it out with your oil in accordance with your manufacturer’s recommended specifications. With regular use of Green Diamond, you’ll extend your oil change intervals as well as your engine’s life. Hot Shot’s Secret Green Diamond Oil is also available in larger 5- and 55-gallon drums to accommodate large trucks and fleets.

All Hot Shot’s Secret products come with a money-back guarantee to ensure consistent quality and performance.