Hot Shot’s Secret® Gasoline Extreme – 32 oz

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Size: 32oz
Hot Shot’s Secret Gasoline Extreme is a powerful fuel additive for gasoline engines that works as a fuel injector cleaner by removing deposits from your intake valve and combustion chamber. Gasoline Extreme also lubricates while it cleans so all of your engine’s components stay well maintained and reach their peak performance capabilities. From pumps and valves to pistons and rings, As a powerful P.E.A. based cleaner, Hot Shot’s Secret Gasoline Extreme can clean almost any component of your gas engine. In addition to its cleaning capability, Hot Shot’s Secret Gasoline Extreme lubricates the key components of your fuel system so you can restore your fuel economy to premium performance and power. Our powerful fuel treatment lubricates your injectors, pumps, pistons, rings and upper cylinders while cleaning them. Gasoline Extreme is safe for gasoline equipment of all types, small and large engines alike. It also acts as a fuel saver and fuel stabilizer by keeping your fuel more effective and preventing it from going bad during storage, or causing ethanol damage.