Hot Shot’s Secret® G56 6-Speed Manual Transmission Fluid – 32 oz

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Size: 32oz

Hot Shot’s Secret formulated Blue Diamond Severe Duty Transmission Fluid with the goal of giving vehicles the boost they need to accommodate rough shifting and harsh rollover noise. The patented FR3 Nano Technology in extreme pressure additive packaging provides unsurpassed performance and longevity so your fluid stays clean for longer. Increase the life span of your high-mileage manual transmission vehicles and extend the life of your synchronizer with Blue Diamond Severe Duty Transmission Fluid.

The FR3 friction reduction formula is made from 100% poly-alpha-olefin (PAO) Group IV with an additional blend of Group V synthetic oils. This mix is infused with patented FR3 Nano Technology that evenly coats everything your oil touches, preventing metal-to-metal contact and extending the life of your transmission.

Hot Shot’s Secret’s G56 manual transmission fluid formula prevents deposits, increases oxidation resistance and reduces breakdown to provide you with optimal thermal stability. By reducing the amount of friction in your transmission, this SAE formula reduces your engine’s temperature and prevents several of the main causes of engine failure.

Blue Diamond Severe Duty Transmission Fluid is safe for all yellow metals, including bronze, brass and copper, and provides protection against rust. For optimal results, add Blue Diamond G56 to any vehicle that requires SAE 50 manual transmission fluid to perform demanding street, towing or heavy-duty applications.