Hot Shot’s Secret® FR3 Friction Reducer – 32 oz

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Size: 32oz
FR3 Friction Reducer is a 100% synthetic engine additive that enhances the host oil’s wear reduction and lubricating properties. Hot Shot’s Secret oil friction reducer comes equipped with three patented synthetic lubricants with prototypical properties in comparison to metallocene polyalphaolefin (mPAO) or PAO synthetics of the same viscidity. An exclusive carbon nano lubricant — the formula’s anti-wear component — fills in microscopic irregularities. This component’s synergistic properties extend the base oil’s performance in film strength, oxidation stability, shear stability and friction reduction. Its properties can also add to the oil’s efficiency and protection. The 32-ounce FR3 friction eliminator is recommended for all diesel and gas engines. Add it to a hydraulic system, power steering, engine oil or differentials. For best use, apply one treatment of friction reducer engine additive every oil change on auto, farm equipment, pickup truck and semitruck engines. Diesel friction reducer is effective on all engines. Except for aircraft and air conditioning, FR3 Friction Reducer works for any oil-lubricated system. Although FR3 is an industrial product, small two-cycle engines can benefit from it as well. Mix FR3 with fuel after adding it to your engine’s oil. With the ability to improve your vehicle’s performance by increasing fuel economy and horsepower up to 5% each, friction eliminator is recommended for any equipment or vehicle and works in synthetic and conventional oil. Use 1.5 ounces per quart of oil. Topically that is 8 ounces for cars, 23 ounces for trucks and 64 ounces for semitrucks. FR3 displaces the same amount of oil. Do not use in combination with Stiction Eliminator and other aftermarket oil additives.