Hot Shot’s Secret® Everyday Diesel Treatment – 16 oz, 5-PK

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Size: 16oz
Hot Shot’s Secret Everyday Diesel Treatment (EDT) provides performance-boosting daily care for your engine, with a cetane booster that delivers a range of benefits, from increased power to a decreased number of DPF regen cycles. This 5 pack 16-ounce diesel fuel additive treats up to 400 gallons, and maintains clean injectors, adds lubrication, neutralizes acids and keeps rust and corrosion at bay. All of this adds up to an engine that performs better, uses less fuel and lasts longer. EDT includes several different components:- Cetane booster uses special nitrates to speed up the combustion process for more power and mileage up to 7 points- Add lubricity and protect expensive fuel system components with infused LX4 Lubricity Extreme formulation. – Keep your injectors spraying efficiently with a keep-clean level of injector cleaner.- Corrosion inhibitor forms a protective film on the metal surfaces of an engine and neutralizes acids.- Demulsifier takes care of condensed moisture and disperses it. If moisture is not dispersed, the condensed water can cause rust, ice or microbiological growth.- Stabilizers keep your fuel in good shape even if it sits for extended periods of time. EDT is a completely ashless formula, creating no adverse effects on the engine and complying with federal requirements for low sulfur content. Hot Shot’s Secret Everyday Diesel Treatment can treat 400 gallons of fuel as a premium dose, and 200 gallons of fuel as a performance dose. Use EDT daily or during every fill-up with the convenient squeeze bottle. It is a great choice for any diesel engine, including:- Agricultural equipment- Construction equipment- Diesel vehicles- Diesel marine vehicles- Racing vehicles- RVs- Semi-trucks- Small engines This 5 pack 16-ounce diesel fuel supplement can even be used in furnace fuel oil for greater efficiency without any harmful emissions.