Hot Shot’s Secret® EDT + Winter Defense – 1 gal

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Size: 1 Gal
EDT+ Winter Defense is our bestselling Everyday Diesel Treatment – now with added anti-gel properties. Our fully formulated 7-in-1 diesel fuel additive prevents your diesel fuel from gelling and icing, even in subzero temperatures. Both a fuel system cleaner and a powerful cetane booster, our EDT+ Winter Defense also contains LX4 lubricity additive, a keep-clean detergent package and de-icer chemicals. EDT+ Winter Defense prevents paraffin wax precipitation during cold weather, by minimizing the size of the wax crystals and allowing the fuel to travel through the fuel filter at temperatures 20 degrees Fahrenheit below the cloud point (wax solidification point) of the diesel fuel. Add this to your gas tank, or to a diesel fuel can in your garage to keep your diesel fuel stable and clean for even longer. It is a great choice for any diesel engine, including agricultural equipment, construction equipment, diesel marine vehicles, racing vehicles, RVs, semi-trucks, standard diesel trucks, and small diesel engines.