Hot Shot’s Secret® Diesel Winter Rescue Emergency De-Icer and Quick Thaw – 32 oz

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Size: 32oz
Every driver with a diesel engine should keep a bottle of diesel de-icer on hand for rescue treatment in emergencies. Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Winter Rescue Emergency Quick Thaw and De-Icer contains a high-grade lubricity additive and military-grade de-icer and solves unexpected engine shutdowns due to fuel gelling in cold weather.This winter diesel quick thaw removes ice from frozen fuel filters and re-liquifies gelled fuel. Diesel winter rescue restores gelled or frozen diesel fuel caused by ice crystals or even fuel wax formation. In restoring the flow and power of fuel, diesel de-icer: – De-gels fuel in pumps, filters, lines and the tank. – Thaws ice in frozen fuel filters. – Disperses moisture. – Liquifies frozen fuel. – Improves fuel economy and adds lubricity. – Removes ice from frozen fuel filters. Diesel winter rescue treatment instructions include: – Gelled fuel — re-liquify: Add 32 ounces of diesel de-icer to each tank’s 40 gallons of fuel. Remove the fuel filters and fill them with 50% diesel fuel and 50% Winter Rescue Emergency De-Icer. Reinstall fuel filters, start the engine and allow the engine to warm up the fuel system. – Frozen fuel filters — de-ice: If the fuel is in liquid form, but the engine refuses to start, remove fuel filters and fill with 50% diesel fuel and 50% diesel quick thaw. Reinstall fuel filters and start the engine. – Preventive maintenance: Winter Rescue Emergency De-Icer is intended solely as a quick thaw emergency product for diesel engines. Use Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Winter Anti-Gel for cold weather conditions. This product is effective in biodiesel blends and safe for use in all diesel engines, including: – Diesel vehicles – Agricultural diesel – Semis – Small diesel engines – Diesel recreational vehicles – Marine diesel – Construction equipment