Hot Shot’s Secret® Diesel Winter Anti-Gel – 64 oz, 2-PK

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Size: 64oz
Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Winter Anti-Gel is recommended for use in all diesel engines. The anti-gel formula provides lubricity, stability, winter operability, detergency and increased cetane number to standard diesel fuels. Hot Shot’s Secret anti-gel diesel additive provides winter protection against freeze-ups, dramatically improves cold-temperature performance and contains a powerful cetane booster for a maximum improvement in performance, power and cold start speed. This effective anti-gel additive significantly enhances cold-temperature performance and helps prevent the wax in fuel from clogging lines. Disperses Moisture and Prevents Icing and Gelling Water freezes in the winter and may puddle throughout your fuel. These puddles then get carried through your system and freeze. Compromised diesel fuel can lead to diesel gelling in cold or freezing temperatures. At this stage, the fuel solidifies, obstructing flow. Diesel Winter Anti-Gel, a winter-specific diesel fuel additive, can mitigate issues relating to filter freezing and fuel gelling.