Hot Shot’s Secret® Adrenaline® Assembly Lubricant- 4 oz

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Size: 4oz
ADRENALINE® ASSEMBLY LUBRICANT is formulated to blend with 100% of break in oils, while also providing supreme protection and swift solubility. It offers unrivaled cling and tackiness to any surface it is applied to, such as camshaft lobes, bearing surfaces, fasteners, and studs. ADRENALINE® ASSEMBLY LUBRICANT provides lasting protection for stored applications and ongoing projects. It also provides excellent corrosion and initial startup wear protection due to the substantial zinc content. Use ADRENALINE® ASSEMBLY LUBRICANT on engine parts such as camshafts, bearings, valvetrain components and other internal parts. Also use on critical engine fasteners such as head bolts and studs, main bolts and studs, connecting rod bolts and other fasteners before torqueing. Can be used in all applications of gasoline, diesel, and any engine assembly application. Designed to work with all camshaft types.